Strategic Claims Services strives to offer high quality claims administration and unmatched solutions to its clients while maintaining exceptional client relationships.

We supply customized reports and detailed reviews of each claim to be sure that each is able to stand on its own.

We provide unsurpassed customer relations through our fully trained claims administrators who answer each call personally and assist our clients with their knowledge and expertise.

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We are constantly adapting our process to the changing technology and needs of our clients.


Strategic Claims Services (SCS) was established in 1999 to provide support in managing, planning, implementing and administering class action litigations. The highly skilled staff consists of Certified Public Accountants, Information Technology professionals, experienced managers, bookkeepers and support staff.

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As an innovator in claims administration services, SCS is a technology driven organization with a proven track record to handle cases of all sizes in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The firm also provides tailored proposals, data management, and consultation.

Active Cases

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  • RMG Networks Litigation

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  • Silver Wheaton Corp. Litigation

  • PixarBio Corporation Securities and Derivative Litigation

  • Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Securities Litigation

  • Dunn v. Kelley Settlement

  • BioAmber, Inc. Securities Litigation

  • Allegiant Travel Company Securities Litigation

  • Hrasok v. Kraton Corp., et al.

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